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We established with this company a close partnership for transport services.

Being located in a predominantly clayey territory, with presence of clays and feldspar used by the Italian leading ceramic companies, Boca has always been a land oriented towards the production of raw materials for ceramic and brick industries.

In addition to the building activity, since 2000 La Meridiana srl ​​has been performing its business mainly focusing on mining for the production of the above-mentioned raw materials, thus becoming a very important partner of ours.

Later, the company integrated in the sector of road haulage of goods for third parties and is enrolled in the Register of Environmental Managers of Piedmont in relation to the following categories:

– transport of non-hazardous waste;

– waste intermediation;

– land reclamation;

thus furtherly expanding its activities in the transport and intermediation of non-hazardous waste sector and in the management of grinding plants for ceramic waste at some important ceramic industries of Emilia Romagna.


The company, established in 2018 and based in Castellón de la Plana (Valencia – Spain), aims at exporting its expertise in the field of raw materials for the ceramic and refractory industry, to create new realities and technical-commercial opportunities on Spanish territory.


The company was created out of the need to manage everything related to the world of “waste”.

Sol.e, collaborating with “Mineraria di Boca” and “La Meridiana”, completes all the operational and logistic activities as to the recovery and management of industrial waste.

However, its main objective is to broaden the restoration and waste sector in conjunction with research and development of new alternative energy sources.


Mineraria di Boca srl is a dynamic company operating in the field of raw materials since the 19th century, specialized in exploitation of mineral deposits (mining) for the production of raw materials for the ceramic, refractory and cement industry.

The first mineral concessions for mining were signed in 1854 by Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, head of the Piedmontese government at that time.

At present the company is carrying out mining activities in Piedmont and Sardinia.

White refractory clays and feldspars are extracted at the above-mentioned quarries thus allowing the company to meet the requirements of an ever more attentive and competent market.
Our facilities are fitted out with lump-breaking, grinding, drying systems and industrial buildings with wide yards that allow materials storage and handling.

The mining concessions extent and daily checks performed in in-house chemical-technological laboratory by our technicians, allow us to guarantee continuity of process and quality of our products over time.

A raw materials storage building is operational in Fiorano which, according to the customers’ requirements, provides a mixing and delivery activity thus improving the service offered by Mineraria di Boca.

Our company aims at guaranteeing the quality of its national products and at marketing them within the territory through a careful attention paid to any phase: from the extraction of minerals to processing of clays up to operating and logistic phases leading to delivery to the end-customer.