Mineraria di Boca Spa


Mineraria di Boca

Mineraria di Boca SpA, owned by Sir Angelo Curocchi, is a dynamic company specialised in supplying raw materials for the ceramic, refractory, and cement industries

The company’s current mining activity is carried out in Piedmont and Sardinia, where its facilities are fitted out with  lump-breaking, grinding, and drying plants, along with industrial buildings with extensive yards for material storage and handling.

Located in a predominantly clayed region, rich in clays and feldspars utilized by leading Italian companies, Boca has always been a hub for raw material production for the ceramic and brick manufacturing industry.



Kaolinitic and melting clays for ceramic bodies


Kaolinitic clays, bentonites, feldspathic sands and feldspars


Clays and Fluxes for ceramic bodies

Mineraria in Italy


Environmental recovery

Mineraria of Boca has already been actively engaged in environmental recovery for several years and provides solutions in the field of special non-hazardous waste management by organizing its transportation services and proper recovery or disposal with the aim of finding the suitable and targeted solution for the development of new energy from renewable sources.


Our social commitment

Mineraria di Boca SpA, in the person of its President and Administrator Cav. Curocchi Angelo and his son as well as Administrator Curocchi Alex, has always been at the forefront of community support.

Despite the commitments imposed by his work activity, Cav. Curocchi, has always kept alive his commitment to social work by founding in 2004 in Sassuolo…