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Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

Mineraria di Boca SpA, in the person of its Chairman and Executive Director, Sir Angelo Curocchi, along with his son and Executive Director, Mr. Alex Curocchi, has consistently been at the forefront of supporting the community.

Despite his commitments dictated by professional responsibilities, Sir Curocchi is consistently and actively involved in social causes. In 2004, he founded the ‘Nucleo Volontariato e Protezione Civile dell’Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri’ association in Sassuolo. Through this organization, he promptly mobilized, offering assistance in relief efforts and providing support to communities affected by natural disasters in various regions of Italy, donating food and clothing

In particular, Sir Curocchi extended his assistance to various disaster-stricken areas. In 2009, he personally delivered essential supplies, including food and clothing, to the residents of L’Aquila. In 2012, his philanthropic efforts involved delivering three fully-loaded articulated lorries of water to Emilia Romagna. In 2016, he generously donated 3,000 items, including jackets and fleece garments, to the earthquake-affected population in Amatrice. In 2017, he deployed his own snowplows to Rigopiano and Montegallo, aiding the communities in need by clearing the areas affected by landslide

During a visit to the Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna in December 2009 for personal reasons, Sir Curocchi learned about the critical health condition of a foreign girl. He immediately took action to assist her. He was deeply moved by the situation and personally covered the expenses for her urgent and successful surgery. Additionally, he took care of the costs associated with her subsequent transfers between the hospitals in Genoa and Bologna until the  girl could safely return to her home country

In 2015, Sir Curocchi dedicated himself to the search for Daniele Potenzoni, a young man whose story had captured national attention. Daniele went missing during a trip to Rome while accompanying a group of 14 disabled individuals to the Wednesday papal audience. His disappearance remains a mystery, and efforts to locate him persist.

Angelo personally engaged in initiatives aimed at search efforts. Furthermore, he travelled to Rome several times alongside colleagues from the ANC to continue the search for Daniele, collaborating with national television networks to raise public awareness


In 2018, he sponsored the creation of a statue honouring Salvo D’Acquisto, sculpted by the internationally acclaimed artist Dario Tazzioli. The statue was installed in Palagano Park (MO) and unveiled on September 29, 2018. During the same ceremony, the Mayor of Palagano granted him Honorary Citizenship in recognition of his dedication and contributions to the community.

For fifteen years, Mineraria di Boca SpA has been a patron of the Italian Red Cross Festival in Prignano sulla Secchia and in 2023, the company made a significant contribution by donating a new ambulance, fortifying crucial emergency services within the mountainous region

Since 2021, Mineraria di Boca has been supporting projects named ‘Mototherapy’ and ‘Freestyle Hospital’ led by the world champion in Freestyle Motocross, Vanni Oddera.

The initial initiative revolves around generously sharing his passion with less fortunate individuals, allocating prominent space for them in all shows. The second project involves bringing joy to children in peadiatric oncology through the presence of his motorcycle.

Together with Vanni Oddera, the company orchestrated full-day events for disabled individuals in Boca (NO), Palagano (MO), and Sassuolo (MO). Not only did the attendees have the opportunity to marvel at the astounding feats of freestyle motocross champions, but they also had the chance to directly experience the adrenaline rush that only these two-wheelers can provide by riding the motorcycles themselves

Thanks to his dedication to the needs of the community, in 2018 Angelo Curocchi was bestowed with the honour of ‘Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana’ (Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic)

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